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Regulatory policy and strategic advice in the energy sector

Khan Advisory provides expert advisory services on regulation, reform and policy development in the energy sector in Australia and the Pacific region.

We assist governments, regulators, market operators and energy
businesses navigate the renewable energy transformation through well-designed regulatory and policy frameworks.

Analyzing the data

Areas of Expertise

We bring over 20 years of experience to help clients with energy sector policy development and the design and administration of regulatory and market frameworks in the context of changing technology and the process of decarbonisation.



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Our Team

Zaeen Khan leads Khan Advisory’s services and collaborates with well-known, reputable energy sector advisory firms to offer clients integrated advice and analysis across the energy sector.



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Contact us

Feel free to reach out via message, email, contact form, phone call or through our LinkedIn direct message portal to discuss your policy and advice requirements.



About Khan Advisory

Khan Advisory was established in 2020 to provide niche independent regulatory and policy expertise in the energy sector.


We assists government policy makers, regulators, utilities and market operators in navigating the operational and policy challenges arising from the energy sector’s rapid transition to renewable energy through the development and implementation of appropriate market designs and regulatory frameworks.. Learn more >

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