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The energy sector is undergoing a pivotal transformation, driven by high fossil fuel prices, energy security concerns, and the urgency of addressing climate change. A sustainable energy future demands innovative approaches in how energy is produced, delivered, and consumed.


Achieving this future involves substantial regulatory and policy reforms, advancements in technology, capital investments, and a comprehensive overhaul of the network infrastructure that supports existing power systems.


These shifts present both opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders in the energy supply chain. Khan Advisory is at the forefront of guiding clients through these transitions. We provide expert regulatory and policy advice, alongside cutting edge technical consulting and engineering support for renewable energy projects.

Our team, comprised of seasoned regulatory experts and skilled electrical engineers, specialises in the integration of renewable energy systems such as solar, wind, and battery storage.


We undertake thorough site feasibility studies, engineering assessments, and offer Owner's Engineer support to ensure that each phase of project development adheres to the highest standards of technical excellence, and operational efficiency and commercial sustainability.

Our collaborative approach with policy makers, energy utilities, independent power producers, and regulatory bodies enables the effective integration of renewable technologies into both existing and new grid infrastructures.


By merging regulatory insight with technical expertise, we empower our clients to navigate the commercial, regulatory, and operational challenges arising from the energy sector’s transformation towards decarbonisation.

Khan Advisory delivers unique insights on structuring energy
policy and market arrangements to accelerate the transition while managing the risks associated with such significant changes


We possess a deep understanding of:


  • Wholesale energy market operations, including energy generation and dispatch, markets for ancillary system services, capacity markets, and distributed energy resources.

  • The technical characteristics necessary to manage the increasingly complex power system security and reliability requirements from intermittent generation sources.

  • Economic regulation of fundamentally evolving transmission and distribution electricity and gas networks.

  • Retail market arrangements to ensure consumers have reliable and affordable access to essential energy supply.

At Khan Advisory, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their energy transition goals efficiently and economically, equipped with a unique perspective on adapting regulatory frameworks and pursuing effective technical solutions in an uncertain environment.

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