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About Khan Advisory

What we do

Khan Advisory was established in 2020 and provides niche independent regulatory and policy expertise in the rapidly evolving energy sector.


We assist government policy makers, regulators, utilities and market operators in navigating the operational and policy challenges arising from the energy sector’s rapid transition to renewable energy through the development and implementation of appropriate market designs and regulatory frameworks.

We offers clients a unique understanding of how energy sector’s regulatory frameworks can adapt and work in an uncertain environment in the context of changing technology and the process of decarbonisation.

We bring together a deep understanding of:

  • Wholesale energy market operations including energy generation and dispatch, markets for

  • essential system services and capacity markets

  • Technical characteristics required to manage increasingly complex power systems security

  • and reliability requirements

  • Economic regulation of transmission and distribution electricity networks

  • Retail market arrangements to ensure consumers have access to essential energy supply.

Zaeen Khan

Zaeen Khan leads Khan Advisory’s services often collaborates with well-known consulting firms to offer clients integrated advice and analysis across the energy sector. Zaeen has been providing regulatory policy and strategic advice to independent regulatory bodies, State Governments, market operators and economic regulators for over 20 years. He has designed rules, lead reviews and advised on complex market design, regulatory and pricing issues in energy, water and transport sectors.


Zaeen has extensively advised on energy market reform and policy design issues across the National Electricity Market, the Western Australian electricity market and in the Northern Territory electricity market. Zaeen has worked at the most senior levels of energy sector regulatory and policy development and advised Ministers, Cabinets and the Council of Australian Government ministerial bodies.

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