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Areas of expertise

Advice you can count on.

Khan Advisory specialises in providing regulatory policy advice on economic and market design issues in the energy sector as it transitions towards decarbonised and decentralised power systems.

We also offer strategic advice and analysis in the design of adaptable energy market
frameworks that can facilitate the secure, reliable and affordable energy supply to consumers while
meeting renewable energy policy objectives.

Policy development

We provide policy advice on energy sector economic issues, with extensive experience in energy market reform resulting from emerging technologies and the design of suitable market arrangements to accommodate them.

Regulatory frameworks

We provide advice on designing, implementing and adapting regulatory frameworks to achieve desired policy outcomes. We can assist clients in understanding and navigating the complexities of expanding regulatory requirements and how market and technological changes can affect regulatory and commercial strategies of energy market participants.

Regulatory advice

We provide strategic, practical and expert economic regulatory advice and assistance on a wide range of issues relate to the economic regulation of energy infrastructure such as transmission and distribution electricity and gas networks, retail pricing analysis, third party access and competitive
market assessments.

We can also assist in drafting reports and submissions on regulatory and economic issues in the energy sector.

Reform program support and management

We have considerable experience in managing and supporting energy market reform programs through extensive internal and external stakeholder engagement.


We can leverage our extensive experience in working on significant reform projects across the energy sector jurisdictions to manage large complex projects with different stakeholder positions, and coordinate diverse professional input across regulatory, legal, economic, engineering and financial technical advisers to deliver work programs within required timeframes and outcomes.

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