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Areas of expertise

Advice you can count on.

Khan Advisory has a proven track record in providing regulatory, policy, and technical guidance for the evolving energy sector. We have extensive experience in reforming energy markets and regulatory frameworks to ensure secure, reliable, and affordable energy supply, and to seamlessly integrate renewable generation technologies into both grid-connected and off-grid systems.

Our comprehensive technical consulting and engineering support delivers sustainable and efficient solutions for renewable energy projects.


We empower clients to overcome the regulatory, technical, and commercial challenges of increasingly renewable-reliant power systems.

Policy development

We offer policy advice on economic issues within the energy sector, leveraging our deep experience in energy market reform driven by emerging technologies. Our team excels in creating suitable market arrangements that accommodate new technologies and facilitate efficient energy market transition towards decarbonisation goals.

Energy market frameworks and design

We provide advice on designing and, implementing and adapting regulatory energy market frameworks that can accommodate the
complexities of evolving technological landscapes and financial outcomes in competitive environments. Our expertise helps clients understand and navigate energy market frameworks to enhance their strategic commercial and regulatory outcomes.

Regulatory advice

We provide strategic and practical regulatory advice across a broad spectrum of economic issues related to energy infrastructure, including transmission and distribution networks, retail pricing, third-party access, and competitive market assessments. Our team is very experienced in drafting detailed reports and submissions on regulatory and economic matters within the energy sector.

Renewable energy technical advisory services

We provide technical consulting and engineering support for renewable energy projects. Specialising in solar, wind, and battery storage systems, our experienced electrical engineering experts can conduct detailed site feasibility studies, engineering assessments, and provide Owner's Engineer support.


We collaborate closely with energy utilities, independent power producers, and regulatory bodies to seamlessly integrate renewable technologies into existing and new infrastructures, ensuring each phase of project development meets the highest standards of technical excellence, operational efficiency and commercial sustainability.

Reform program support and management

Our extensive experience in managing and supporting energy market reform programs includes comprehensive stakeholder engagement. We have a solid track record in coordinating diverse professional input across regulatory, legal, economic, engineering, and financial disciplines to manage large and complex projects, delivering them within required timelines and achieving desired outcomes.

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